Noritz NR981-DVC Tankless Water Heater Propane 9.8GPM indoor

Item#: NR981-DVCP


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Product Details

Application: Residential
Product Type: Tankless Heater
Type: Non-Condensing
Energy Factor: 0.84
Efficiency: 84%
Gas Input: 16000 to 199900 BTU/h
Fuel Type: Propane
Min Flow (GPM): 0.5
Max Flow (GPM): 9.8
Flow Range (GPM): 0.5 to 9.8
Depth (Inches): 10.2"
Width (Inches): 13.8"
Weight (lbs): 55 lbs
Height (Inches): 23.6
Max Temp (F): 180°F
Gas Connection: 3/4"
Water Connection: 3/4"
Installation Type: Indoor Only
Warranty: 5 Year Parts/12 Year Heat Exchanger
Energy Star Rated: Yes
Vent Type: Concentric Direct-Vent Termination

Noritz has engineered the Noritz NR981-DVC-LP Residential Tankless Water Heater from the ground up to be a direct replacement for tank based water heaters. The combination of endless hot water, lower monthly energy bills and reliability ensure that any homeowner can benefit from purchasing a Noritz tankless hot water heater. The commercial grade copper heat exchanger provides long term reliability guaranteed to last any homeowner for decades, and an average efficiency of 84% means that tankless replacement of indirect fired water heaters is finally not only possible, but practical. A small footprint and standard inputs and outputs translate into both ease of installation and low install costs.


  • Endless Hot Water
  • 84% Efficiency
  • Durability and Reliability to Last for Decades
  • Durability to Last for Decades
  • Parts Warranty: 5 year
  • Residential Heat Exchanger Warranty: 12 years

  • Keypad/Thermostat Display included
  • Compatible remote controller (part RC-7651M)
  • Isolator Valve (part IK-WV-200-1-xx)
  • Freeze Protection included
  • High Elevation Adjustment included
  • Quick-Connect Cord (part QC-2)
  • Compatible Remote Controller Cord (part RC-CORD10)
  • Power Cord included (-DV only)